Shanghai Symbol Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Symbol started the business in the Mainland China since 2006. Composed of interior design, construction and decoration experts from China and Hong Kong, Symbol provides professional services to the rapidly emerging building market of the economically reformed new China.

Symbol specializes in the design, construction and decoration of corporate offices, industrial factories, commercial spaces, boutiques and facade. Symbol has the capability of bringing the most current building methodologies and technologies to each project based on its rich experience in international design, construction and decoration.We are a nationwide firm with professionals that can meet all your company’s needs. We provide superior designs, construction and decoration quality services to our clients in any location inside China at any time. Our diversity and international experience allow us to be sensitive to cultural differences, to communicate effectively with our clients, and to provide our clients with efficient and effective high quality solutions.

Symbol employees believe in the Philosophy of “committed to the ongoing quest for excellence”. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your future building projects.

Annual statistics show that Symbol keeps high customer satisfaction and high project success rate


Symbol's management system combines the US design, construction & decoration management system and local project experiences. With the above management system, we are able to integrate our internal disciplines, talents and experiences to ensure the orderly and organized progress of our projects. Guided by this system, Symbol runs the business of design, construction & decoration, and even self-owned factories with direct material and labor operation. As a direct result, Symbol has generated evident advantages in quality, schedule and price.


Symbol is renowned for its customer services and performances in the business. Annual statistics show that Symbol keeps high customer satisfaction and high project success rate. Close to 70 percent of Symbol’s annual revenue is contributed by its repeated customers. Starting at project partnership, Symbol eventually wins the client’s trust through performance satisfaction